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Enjoy your stay!

We look forward to hosting you, and how you enjoy your stay in the Clare Valley…

Here is all the handy information you may need to get ready and during your stay.

NOTE ♥ We are continuously improving the cottage and some furniture or fittings may be updated since the time you made the booking. 

The cottage is located at 27 Mill st in Clare, less than 100m from the Riesling Trail, and about 300m from the town’s main street.

Guests are invited to self-check in using the key safe for which the code will be provided before checking in time. 

Check in is from 3pm | Check out is 10 am

IMPORTANT NOTE: when arriving, please be mindful of low clearance of the carport. Max safe clearance is 170cm, fits most cars & SUVs, but larger vehicles like 4WD, vans, etc, will need to be parked alongside the carport.

We ask our guests to check out by 10 am. In some cases a later check out may be possible, however, please check with us first. 

Please clean all the dishes and put them away. We recommend using the dishwasher – usually the quick 30 min cycle is enough. 

Please remove the rubbish and put it in the bins provided near the garage. Green bin for compostables, yellow bin for recyclables, red bin for landfill waste. 

We ask that you leave the cottage in a tidy order, close all the doors and windows. 

Don’t forget to check for your belongings around the place. 

We will be looking forward to hosting you next time. 

We provide most of common items to help make your stay comfortable. However, if there is anything in particular that you require, please feel free to get in touch with us, or simply bring your own. 

Most of the artwork in the house is for sale. We ask local artists to select some of their pieces for the Cottage. All of proceeds go directly to the artist. 

If you wish to purchase any of the paintings, simply take a photo of it and send it through to us on 0406080320.

Prices vary depending on the collection and individual pieces. Shipping can be arranged or may be included in the artwork cost. Check with us!

We ask our guests to respect the house sustainability principles (below in this page), as well as peace and privacy of the neighbours. This cottage was a family home for years and the neighbours are our close friends and helpers.

The cottage has 2 bedrooms, one with king size bed, one with queen bed. 

There is one very large bathroom for the guests to share. 

Unlimited WiFi is available at the cottage. You can find the password for it when you get in.

The TV in the house is equipped with the Chromecast. You will be able to cast content from your own device once you are connected to the local wifi.

Free-to-air channels may be of low quality to the regional geography. We suggest to download appropriate channel apps to your own devices if you have TV related plans. 

If you have issues casting to TV here is a quick check-list:
– Your device (phone or tablet) must be connected to the cottage WiFi
– The app shows a casting icon – usually displayed on the right hand size of screen or frame
– You can see the TV in the selection list of devices to cast to. 

Full-size fridge, cooktop, induction microwave,  as well as all cutlery, glasses, plates etc. 

We also provide a small blender for the guests’ convenience, a kettle, a toaster, as well as a pod coffee maker. There will be some pods provided, however, should you need more, we ask that you choose compostable coffee pods. 

There are no additional cooking supplies provided – if you are intending to do extensive cooking, please bring your own supplies.

To minimise environmental impact we choose very carefully what is provided in the cottage and how. 

Shampoo & conditioner are provided in refillable containers and should be more than sufficient for an average stay. 

Soap is sourced from local producers and made specially for us in smaller sizes to avoid packaging and waste. Please feel free to take any unused soap with you. 

We ask our guests to strongly consider their purchases in terms of packaging and waste, and sort their rubbish in bins provided (and labelled). 

The Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council offers a 3 bin system:

Food Organics Green Organics

Food waste – plant and animal based, paper towels, tissues, small amounts of paper, hair, tea bags, compostable coffee pods, coffee grinds, and other compostable materials. 

Paper, cardboard, hard food packaging plastic, plastic, metal, and glass containers, and other recyclable materials. 
In the CGVC area the recyclables are sorted by hand, this way increasing amount of materials given another life, so we ask that you keep your recyclables clean and ready to be processed by separating soft films off the packs, scrunching aluminium foil into a ball  etc. 

We call it the sad bin.
Put your soft plastics, and other non-recyclable and non-compostable items here. We hope there will be very few of them. 

All bedding linen and towels are supplied. If you are staying for more than 4 nights, additional linen can be provided upon request. 


Slow combustion wood heater is a delightful indulgence in winter. There is enough firewood provided for 1-2 nights worth of cosy fire. We ask our guests to use it sparingly and rely on battery powered reverse cycle AC to stay warm. You are welcome to purchase additional firewood from nearby petrol station or hardware store. 

The property has a lovely cottage garden with mature trees, as well as the secret garden that faces east and is extra cosy in the summer mornings. 

The outdoor shower and soon-to-be-added outdoor bath offer an exceptional opportunity for a nature surrounded experience. 

Please keep in mind that the garden is full of uneven surfaces and rocks, so please enjoy it with caution. 

No fires permitted outside.

There is at least one pair of Ringtail Possums living in the vicinity. Occasionally they like to make the roof of the cottage a playground. It is illegal to remove possums  more than 200m as they are highly territorial and live in bonded pairs. Any noise they may cause rarely lasts more than few minutes. You are welcome to leave some apples, sweet potato, and fruit picked from the trees in the garden out for them. 

The sleepy lizards that frequent the garden also appreciate berries, bananas, and cucumbers. 

The Greener stay - what to expect


The cottage was built in the 1860s, and those days the folks were into slow sustainable builds. The original walls internally and externally are built of stone, which means brilliant thermal storage. 

The solar panels on the roof teamed up with a Tesla Power Wall provide vast majority of energy for the cottage. However, we do ask our guests to be mindful of energy use in winter, when sun is lower and does not necessarily charge the battery in full. 

It is a lot more sustainable to run  the AC on lower setting all the time, than try to heat the cottage up really fast. We ask that you keep that in mind when looking to warm up or cool down.

We also provide our guests with electric blankets for extra cosy winter nights, and a small heater in the bathroom – please use with consideration – it is by far the most energy consuming appliance in the house.

Hot water system is powered by natural gas, and while it is not a perfect solution, it is the best option we have at the moment that does not require ongoing heating of water that won’t be used if the cottage is vacant.


There are several possum families in the vicinity, and if you are lucky enough you might see them climbing on the tree near the back door. Please be courteous to them, and if you wish to feed them – sweet potato and apples are their favourites. 

There also are several sleepy lizards around the place – they live up to 70 years and mate for life – we love having them around as they keep the insects down and are kinda cute. 

There is a small bee colony in the garden, that has made its home in the wall on the western boundary of the property. We ask that you let them do their job without interference. 


We encourage our guests to use the dish washer to minimise the water use, enjoy the outdoor shower that waters the garden as you indulge in a jungle like setting. 

The garden is set up with an automatic watering system that looks after all the greenery that offers a lovely shade on summer days. 

With strategically planted trees and greenery we minimise the need of heating and cooling for the cottage. 


Minimising every kind of waste is a global team effort, and we are definitely a part of it. 

We ask our guests to first of all consider their purchases and packaging options, especially for the plastic and non-recyclable waste. While it is often quicker to get a pack of pre-cut veg from a big chain supermarket, you will be not only creating at least 2 separate pieces of waste, but will also be missing out on the lovely service and local experience at the Corner Patch Fruit N Veg shop – they are delightful and the produce is the freshest you can get in town. Also your food will come in a cardboard box which can be recycled or composted. 

Since waste is almost inevitable, we ask our guests to separate their waste in the bins provided (and labelled). This way we can ensure that the smallest amount of rubbish ends up in land fill. 

The local council offers a FOGO bin for all compostable waste. If you choose to segregate your waste even further to be suitable for domestic composter (meaning no animal products), this can be placed in the composter on the property and later used for fertilising the garden.

Cleaning & Supplies

Having the cottage clean and welcoming is a high priority for us, but we also don’t want to cost the earth. 

We use non-plastic packaged, non-toxic, all Australian made cleaning products, and non-disposables that are cleaned & disinfected between uses where required. 

Everything supplied in the cottage is compostable, reusable, or minimises waste – like shampoo and conditioner in refillable containers, locally made soaps that you are welcome to take home, compostable coffee pods etc. 

Please use what you need, but don’t waste. Like at home. 

Bottom line

We think that the sustainable way of life is really simple, easy, and offers a wonderful way to be more mindful about treading lightly.

If you are not sure of something, please do get in touch with us.