Some places are more than just an accommodation

Nice to meet you

Hi there!

Welcome to the Secret Figtree Cottage. 

I bought this place in 2017 – it was only house in town that was able to afford. The garden was a wilderness, possums ran wild, and weeds were waist-high. 

It took me 2 years, working every single day to create this little hideaway. Many friends helped out, many hours were spent loading my little car boot with stone in Watervale, Penwortham, and Clare,  and lugging it back. And many many dinners were shared after all the working bees, usually on the lawn. 

Every bit of the garden has been created by me, my family, and my friends. Everything is personal and it is absolutely delightful to be able to share it with the guests – this little romantic getaway in the middle of Clare, but somehow also amidst the nature.

I am a believer that you don’t have to go to extremes to make a significant impact to the environment. It is all about small daily choices and practises that make it quite simple. I try to channel my Grandmother who was one of the most graceful and resourceful people i have ever encountered – less is more, always choose natural materials, and don’t underestimate the value of a well made item. 

Living and working in the Clare Valley is one of the reasons I call myself lucky – this region is full of brilliant people, amazing food and wine (of course), and most beautiful stories that are here for you to discover. 

If you would like a recommendation, or suggestions, feel free to let me know. 


Hope you enjoy your stay in the Clare Valley. 


Photo Credit: Abbie Tiller – Greater SA

IN the spotlight

Greater SA

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P.S. They did stay here to test all the comforts out for themselves, so you get a real insider knowledge. 
P.P.S. Thanks to Stasha & Scott for being the models for the shoot.